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Blackjack- a card and hand game

In this socialising world, we are pretty sure at least 80% of the readers have played this game. And remaining 20% would have at least heard about it. Few of the played crowd say this is the best game to play at the casino since the house edge for this game is the least. And there are others who say that this game is really not all that easy.So when there is so much confusion and different perception to the most common game of a casino, we thought of shedding some light on it. Here we give you a little detailed explanation about the game.

Blackjack is a card game. This is also called as game 21. The rule is pretty simple though, you must get a score closer to 21, higher than the dealer, but not exceeding 21. Ah, that sounds easy, isn’t it? It sounds and seems like easy, but really isn’t. And if you are thinking it is easy, well, you really don’t know the strategy of the game thoroughly.Let’s first know about the game completely. What is this blackjack? To be precise, blackjack is a card game; two card games which when added give you a number closer to 21, but higher than the dealer. If it goes beyond 21, you lose. There are two set of cards, the one with numbers up to 10 and the other one called Ace cards.

So, you must have one number and one Ace card, and their sum should reach up to 21. Understood? Is it slightly confusing or very clear? Well, let it be any of them, they mean you are in the right way of understanding the game, your brain is working towards it. Giving you details about the cards; face value of the cards are taken into consideration for cards with values 2-10. This is little clear info. Aces have points 1 or 11. And we know our favourite characters, the Jack, King and Queen, they earn you 10 points.

  • Rules of betting: simple it is, in Blackjack the jackpot is 1.5 times of your bet. It means if you bet for 1buck you get 1.5bucks. If you lose, it’s even simpler to understand, you lose your money. If you win, you get 100% of your money as prize, it means you get your original amount plus the same amount is given by dealer as prize.

  • Game, you and the dealer: yes, the game is only between you and the dealer and you are not competing against others. If you waste time and grab your attention away from the dealer watching others play, we can assure you about your status of the game-you lose. Attention is very much necessary in the game.

    3 to 2; 6 to 5; 1 to 2 Understanding these: well, somewhere on the blackjack table there will be these number signs written. Understand what they are. They mean, blackjack pays 3 to 2. The actual interpretation is, you get 3 bucks for every 2 bucks you invest in the game.

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